Dakota Ojibwe Language Revitalization Alliance

Find out why Dakota Ojibwe language revitalization is important

Mission, Goal, and Principals of the
Dakota Ojibwe Language Revitalization Alliance:

Mission: The Dakota Ojibwe Language Revitalization Alliance exists to protect and revitalize the languages of the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations.

Goal: The Minnesota Dakota Ojibwe Language Revitalization Alliance’s goal is to develop a strategy to identify and secure appropriate resources, programs, and supports to ensure that Minnesota’s children of Dakota and Ojibwe heritage will have a living vital language in a place that has always been the home of the Dakota and Ojibwe language.

Guiding Principals for the Alliance:

  • Every child born to the Dakota and Ojibwe Communities must have the resources to learn their native language and to be a part of the continuity of a living and vital language.
  • The Native American Languages Revitalization Act affirms the intent and covenant of the United States to fully support and promote the speaking and learning of Native Languages.
  • Dakota and Ojibwe tribal members living on their reservations or in the urban areas must have equal opportunity to speak and learn their native language.
  • Language revitalization programs must include the youngest children who are the most natural and powerful language learners and who represent the continuation of native speakers for the Dakota and Ojibwe in Minnesota.
  • All types and levels of resources must be made available to each tribe and locale (including urban areas), appropriate to achieve a community’s vision for language revitalization.
  • The Dakota and Ojibwe Languages are a vital resource to preserve family and community and to support learning readiness and academic excellence for the Dakota and Ojibwe people.

Why is Dakota Ojibwe Language Revitalization Important?